"Weird Al" Yankovic - Trapped In The Drive-Thru (O...

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Trapped In The Drive-Thru (Offici...  

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“Trapped In The Drive-Thru" by "Weird Al" Yankovic
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Seven o'clock in the evening
Watchin somethin' stupid on TV
I'm zoned out on the sofa
When my wife comes in the room and sees me
She says, "Is this Behind the Music with Lynyrd Skynyrd?"
And I say, "I don't know
Say, "It's gettin' late, what you wanna do for dinner?"
She says, "I kinda had a big lunch
So I'm not super hungry."
I said, "Well, you know, baby, I'm not starvin' either
But I could eat."
She said, "So what do you have in mind?"
I said, "I don't know. What about you?"
She said, "I don't care ... if you're hungry, let's eat."
I said, "That's what we're gonna do!
But first, you gotta tell me
What it is you're hungry for!"
And she says, "Let me think...
What's left in our refrigerator?"
I said, "Well, there's tuna, I know."
She said, "That went bad a week ago!"
I said, "Is the chili okay?"
She said, "You finished that yesterday!"
I hopped up and I said
"I don't know; do you want to get something delivered?"
She's like, "Why would I want to eat liver?
I don't even like liver!"
I'm like, "No, I said 'delivered.'"
She's like, "I heard you say 'liver'!"
I'm like, "I should know what I said..."
She's like, "Whatever! I just don't want any liver!"
Well, I was gonna say something
But my cell phone started to ring
Now, who could be callin' me?
Well I checked my caller ID
It was just cousin Larry
Callin' for the third time today...
My wife said, "Let it go to voicemail."
I said, "Okay."
"Where were we? Oh, dinner, right!
So what d'ya want to do?"
She said, "Why don't you whip up somethin' in the kitchen?"
"Yeah," I said, "why don't you?"
And then she said, "Baby, can't we just go out to dinner, please?"
I says, "No"
She says, "Yes"
I says, "No"
She says, "Yes"
I says, "No"
She says, "Yes...
Oh, here's your keys"
I step a little bit closer
Say, "Okay, where ya want to go?"
She says, "How about The Ivy?"
I said, "Yeah, well, I don't know...
I don't feel like gettin all dressed up
And eatin' expensive food"
She's says, "Olive Garden?"
I say, "Nah, I'm not in the mood...
And Burrito King would make me gassy
There's no doubt"
She says, "Just forget about it"
I said, "No, I swear I'm gonna take you out!"
Then I get an idea
I say, "I know what we'll do!"
She says, "What?"
I say, "Guess!"
She says "What?"
I say, "We're goin' to the drive-thru!"
So we head out the front door
Open the garage door
Then I open the car doors
And we get in those car doors
Put my key in the ignition
And then I turn it sideways
Then we fasten our seat belts
As we pull out the driveway
Then we drive to the drive-thru
Heading off to the drive-thru
We're approaching the drive-thru
Getting close to the drive-thru!
Almost there at the drive-thru
Now we're here at the drive-thru
Here in line at the drive-thru
Did I mention the drive-thru?

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