Skunk Works - Raiding a Reclaimer  -  Star Citizen 3.16 org ...

Skunk Works - Raiding a Reclaimer - Star Citizen 3.16 org battl...  

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2 months
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The Skunks of Stripetail Company make a raid on another Hurston Survey site on Microtech, this time Hurston are using a Reclaimer and are more prepared for our attack. defiantely more of a battle ahead for the Skunks this time!

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0:00 - Intro
1:28 - The Convoy Departs
3:37 - Obsevation Point 1
5:42 - Advancing through the AO
6:31 - Observation Point 2
7:36 - The Ravens make their play
9:31 - A Surprise for the Hurstons
14:07 - Arriving at the Objective
16:08 - Hurston close in on our location
19:30 - The Scan Completes
20:07 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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