Circumnavigating Microtech - A VERY Difficult Detour - 7 - S...

Circumnavigating Microtech - A VERY Difficult Detour - 7 - Star C...  

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3 months
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So we decided to attempt to circumnavigate Microtech on Dragonflys. This is not for any kind of accolade - just an adventure. So we are doing this in stages as opposed to one long run around. But we face many challenges and see a lot of amazing scenery - along with some occasional framerate suffering on my dated hardware

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0:00 - Intro - Day 9
1:10 - Testing the Water
2:14 - Is the Coast an option?
4:53 - Going inland
9:42 - Some very bad news
15:44 - Unknown Mechanical issues
17:34 - Back into the green
19:01 - You can just jump it
21:13 - Taking a break and changing bike
23:30 - Into the night
24:39 - Goal in sight
27:11 - KH3-AAE-L
27:56 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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