JUMPTOWN 2022 - The fight for Paradise Cove - Skunk Works Or...

JUMPTOWN 2022 - The fight for Paradise Cove - Skunk Works Org Bat...  

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3 months
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Jumptown is back in 2022 and Skunk Works are organizing ORG wide activities to battle for control of the drug labs, here at Paradise Cove Skunk Works see plenty of action as Jumptown returns to it's coldest location

I have Laryngitis right now - apologies if I am a little less clear than usual in this video

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0:00 - Inserting to the AO
0:52 - A lot of ground to cover
1:48 - Engaging a Nova Tank
2:48 - Eliminating the enemy transport ship
3:44 - Enemy Sniper
6:03 - Climbing the Ridge
7:29 - Eliminating a Ballista
9:00 - Moving to support ground team
10:10 - Taking a headshot
11:57 - Moving up on Paradise Cove
14:36 - Assulting the Airlock
18:02 - Trying to get drugs out
21:30 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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