Skunk Works - Junkyard Raid to DESTROY Hurston plans - Star ...

Skunk Works - Junkyard Raid to DESTROY Hurston plans - Star Citiz...  

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4 months
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The Skunks move in to capture a rogue Microtech executive and High Ranking Hurston representitive in a Junkyard raid with one goal. get the Targets alive. Unfortunately for us they are accompanied by security teams and so a confrontation is really inevitable.

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0:00 - Intro
1:09 - Insertion
3:31 - Mr White departs
4:42 - Using the time we have
5:42 - The first ship arrives
7:15 - The 2nd ship arrives
9:42 - The 3rd ship arrives
11:59 - The meeting begins
13:32 - Moving in
14:30 - Fighting Begins
18:37 - Teams closing in
20:11 - We need them alive
21:25 - The Crossfire
22:50 - Mr White
23:43 - Hurston QRF
25:03 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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