Skunk Works - Basic Training for new Racoons - ORG Troops fi...

Skunk Works - Basic Training for new Racoons - ORG Troops first s...  

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Skunk Works has recently undergone a major restructuring and as part of this process standard training for all roles has been added. Here we take a look at a segment of Racoon training, the Racoons are our Ground and EVA Combat element and in this basic training snippet we look at combat in open terrain at the most basic level

Massive thank you to Mira Coran for providing additional footage for this video. amazing stuff :)

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0:00 - Intro
1:13 - Troop 4 introduction
2:40 - Fireteam Formations
10:48 - Bounding and Assaulting
13:37 - Engagement Exercise
16:24 - Troop 1
20:20 - Engagement Exercises
22:54 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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