Skunk Works - Armored Warfare on Hurston - Tank Battle Gamep...

Skunk Works - Armored Warfare on Hurston - Tank Battle Gameplay -...  

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Skunk Works recently conducted a raid on a clandestine meeting between a low level member of the Hurston family Illyana Hurston, and a rogue Microtech executive we know are Mr White

Illyana Hurston was killed in the raid but Mr White was detained and deelivered to a secure location for questioning. Information is yet to be forthcoming from Mr White. But we have heard that data from Mr White's ship was recovered by Hurston Security and is being held at a bunker on the surface.

the Skunks need to act quickly and recover the ship components held at HDSF Ishmael before they can be sent on again and we lose track of them. the data contained within might shed more light onto the meeeting and why it took place.

Special Thank you to:
and Refleccman

for the additional footage from this event :)

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0:00 - Intro
0:49 - Logistics
4:00 - Scouting
6:29 - The Bunker
9:16 - The Enemy Approaches
10:13 - The Battle
18:14 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound


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