BOARDING A RECLAIMER - One of many New Missions - 3.17.2 PTU - Star Citizen

BOARDING A RECLAIMER - One of many New Missions - 3.17.2 ...

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So PTU 3.17.2 is upon us and with it comes a whole list of new locations features and missions.

We were quick to want to jump in and try something new and soon found ourselves heading to a Criminal Reclaimer near ArcCorp

Our employer was double crossed by the captain and wants us to retrieve some data from the ship. But this captain has a habit of double crossing peopel and someone else may have attacked the ship before we got there.

previous boarding missions have seen us venture into an 890 jump and caterpillar - so boarding a Reclaimer would be very novel

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0:00 - Intro
0:43 - EVA to the Reclaimer
1:43 - Searching for the Cpatain
3:21 - Gravity Problems
8:34 - Exhausting the Main Decks
7:38 - An Elevator Problem
10:05 - Salvage and Cargo decks
11:20 - Locating the Captain
12:08 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound