Skunks VS AVENGER SQUADRON - Jumptown showdown against Avenger One ORG -Star Citizen 3.17.2 ORG WAR

Skunks VS AVENGER SQUADRON - Jumptown showdown against Av...

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Jumptown returned this week and via a common connection within Taskforce Alpha and Avenger Squadron we were able to set up a match up that turned into a pretty epic battle. Huge thank you and maximum respect to Avenger Squadron! was an amazing night of Jumptown combat :)

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0:00 - Intro
0:41 - Arrival Prep
2:39 - Arranging a good fight
5:10 - The First Exchange
6:12 - The Calm Before the Storm
7:48 - The First True Battle
16:01 - Aftermath
16:36 - Skunks Rally to counterattack
17:59 - The Fight for the skies
19:52 - Taking out ships with the Railgun
22:12 - Another battle above Jumptown
24:32 - Firefights on both fronts
31:40 - Sneaking Closer looking for ammo
36:35 - Retaking the Outpost
42:31 - Negotiated Ceasefire
44:12 - Conclusion

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound