Star Citizen - PVE First Person Combat - What are missions l...

Star Citizen - PVE First Person Combat - What are missions like r...  

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Star Citizen is a hugely ambitious game with big plans as it develops - but what is the current PVE content like for FPS players? In this video we'll look at Bunker Missions and some of the problems that show up, as well as some very fun times with fellow Skunks

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0:00 - An introduction to Bunker Missions
2:07 - Nine tails occupy Kareah
5:04 - Dealing with Bunker Turrets
6:50 - Destroying Bunker Turrets
8:16 - Dont use the Animus Missile Launcher
8:56 - Clearing Criminal Nest with Friends
11:12 - Fixing the Reload Bug
12:00 - Ideas about Mags
12:20 - Driving to the Bunker
14:31 - Another Criminal Nest with Friends
16:03 - Loot, Ammo and keeping it safe
18:03 - Civilians during Bunker Missions
19:52 - Bunkers with Friendly Security
23:28 - Destroy the Drugs Missions
24:54 - FPS PVE Wishlist
26:09 - Conclusion

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