Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - Initial Impressions Day 1 ...

Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - Initial Impressions Day 1 - Star Citizen Gameplay 2021
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Initial Impressions of Star Citizen gameplay as an Elite CMDR. Star Citizen 3.13 (and soon Star Citizen 3.14) are a lot more fleshed out than you might think. As an Elite CMDR I have been surprised at Star Citizen gameplay in 3.13, for me this is day 1 and the gameplay of Star Citizen 3.13 in 2021is great if you are prepared to look past a few bugs and treat it as the alpha it is.

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So recently I decided to expand my space game horizons by trying a few other games similar to Elite Dangerous - And here, we have Star Citizen 3.13. I upgraded my PC specs to play this, but being relatively poor, only to a level to get the game running rather than to an impressive spec. So please keep that in mind when gauging performance here - if you can afford a better system you will get better performance than me ;)

Overall though I am really enjoying the Star Citizen gameplay and there is already footage for several more videos

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