Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - Travel and Gear - Day 2 - ...

Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - Travel and Gear - Day 2 - Star Citizen Gameplay 2021
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Continuing on with my experiences within 2021 Star Citizen 3.13 gameplay as a long time Elite Dangerous CMDR I play with basic interactions with the environment and ship - travelling to various locations in search of personal equipment

Lorville is just awesome

2021 Star Citizen gameplay is a far cry from the experiences of a few years ago where very little was in the game. 2021 Star Citizen 3.13 (and soon Star Citizen 3.14) are a lot more fleshed out than you might think. Bugs are still a common occurance - most are extremely minor but some are significant enough to require a character soft-reset - but you can enjoy the gameplay of Star Citizen 3.13 in 2021 if you are prepared to look past a few bugs and treat it as the alpha it is.

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