Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - The Right Ship for the Job...

Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - The Right Ship for the Job - Week 3-1 - Star Citizen Gameplay
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Star Citizen gameplay as an Elite CMDR continues, as I search for the right ship for the job for combat. Star Citizen 3.13 (and soon Star Citizen 3.14) are a lot more fleshed out than you might think. As an Elite CMDR I have been surprised at Star Citizen gameplay in 3.13, for me this is week 3 and the gameplay of Star Citizen 3.13 in 2021is great if you are prepared to look past a few bugs and treat it as the alpha it is.

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With bounty hunting experience under our belt we start our first steps into PVP and I find that the Cutlass has some shortcomings in combat that a dedicated combat ship may not suffer from. The hunt is on for a good fighter, and I start the search with the Anvil Super hornet

0:00 - Intro
2:00 - The Bounty hunter Cutlass
5:37 - Getting hit hard in the tougher fights
7:47 - Morty gets his own ship
9:00 - Our first attempt at PVP
14:07 - The Anvil Super Hornet
16:29 - Fighting a Hammerhead
21:01 - hijinks at Port Olisar
24:33 - The good parts of the Super Hornet
26:01 - the bad parts of the Super Hornet

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