Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - The Anvil Carrack with Haw...

Star Citizen : An Elite CMDR - The Anvil Carrack with Hawkes Gaming - Week 4-1  Star Citizen
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Star Citizen gameplay as an Elite CMDR continues, as Hawkes Gaming joins us and generously donates an Anvil Carrack to Skunk Works! Adventures ensue! Star Citizen 3.13 (and soon Star Citizen 3.14) are a lot more fleshed out than you might think. As an Elite CMDR I have been surprised at Star Citizen gameplay in 3.13, for me this is week 4 and the gameplay of Star Citizen 3.13 in 2021is great if you are prepared to look past a few bugs and treat it as the alpha it is.

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0:00 - intro
1:41 - Hawkes arrives in New Babbage
2:33 - The Anvil Carrack
4:28 - lift off!
6:38 - a tour of the habitation deck
9:59 - fun in an open hangar
11:32 - freefall
14:11 - arrival at Everus Harbor
15:20 - Sub-Capital Bounty Hunting
18:47 - the ball turret

1st video of week 4 see's us get a very welcome visit from Hawkes Gaming! And his extremely generous donation of an Anvil Carrack for us to play with! Naturally we are inexperienced with such a large ship and so there is much fun to be had. But multicrew in this thing is just an entirely different experience than even the constellations we've flown in the past.

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound